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By: jasmine | Date: Sep 19, 2017 |
THanks Principal Nichols for everything. Love live Hillside High!
By: Susan pate Monroe | Date: Sep 11, 2017 |
OOOOOH 2017, what a wonderful emotional trip at this reunion. The tribute to Principal Nichols was very special. I learned a lot about what was going on behind the scene as we struggled through segregation. Seeing Mr. Nichols' children all grown up and leaders themselves. Powerful. As we age we must find a way to have Hillside High live on.
So put on your thinking cap. See you in 2019!!!
By: Debbie Thompson Robinson Class of 1969 (Adopted) | Date: Sep 9, 2017 |
What an outstanding 2017 Reunion! What a wonderful job done by all. I did notice a larger attendance at the Cookout/Fish Fry; you missed a good thing. Hope to see and meet more of you in 2019; if you're up to the challenge, find me and introduce yourself!

By: Susan Monroe | Date: Feb 21, 2017 |
You never cease to amaze me. This website gets better and better.
And as Barack Obama says
Don't Boo......Vote!!!!!
You know where my mind is most of the time!!! We got work to do, People. We need to get the GOP out of control...
Love and Peace Always!
By: Katie F. Harris | Date: Oct 15, 2016 |
I applaud my sister-in-law, Linda S. Harris for a job well done!!! I am extremely proud of her and the committee for an awesome website!
By: Elaine Coleman | Date: Mar 22, 2016 |
Wow! This is an awesome website! Even though I did not attend Hillside (my spouse, John "Topsy" Coleman did, Class of 1960); I am a vital part of Hillside. I have had the pleasure of working diligently on at least 2 of the Hillside School Reunions, and 1 of the Hillside Class Reunions; and I want you to know, it was a great honor each time. Each reunion is special, because that is another reunion that God blessed us to have, and to be alive and in the number; because so many have passed on.
By: Felice Patterson Cargill | Date: Jun 29, 2015 |
Good morning Hillside Bulldogs Family and Friends!! I bring you greetings from the West Coast. What a wonderful website. I have enjoyed moving through the information with easy and grace while listen to soothing sounds which triggered memories. Lifting all in the Highest as each "Celebrate 60
Years" of greatness. Blessings!!!!
By: Mary Williams Thompson | Date: Mar 4, 2015 |
I would like to applaud Linda on a job well done in keeping up the website. Thank you.
We the Hillside High School class of 1965 will be having our 50 year Reunion in June, 2015.
I am sorry I will not be able to attend the Consolidated Reunion 2015, this year in Maryland, I'm sure it will be awesome!! Our family reunion is also in July in Charleston, SC.
By: Susan Pate Monroe | Date: Mar 2, 2015 |
Linda, thanks for updating your site with the new hotel information for the 2015 Reunion. I know its a lot of work and We, the Maryland Committee appreciate EVERYTHING that you and your team are doing to supports US.
It takes a VILLAGE and we are glad our village includes you guys!!!
By: Joseph Gaither | Date: Feb 24, 2015 |
I would to thank everyone especially the Hillside committee for the years 2011 and 2013 for a job well done. It made my job a lot easier because I had a great committee. Like I said If I had that committee on my cabinet, I would run for governor of South Carolina.

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