Hillside Elementary and High School

The Mighty Bulldogs!





On a bright sunny morning in September 1954, a group of frightened students entered into a new experience.  This experience, high school life, was the beginning of a period of important changes in our way of thinking and acting.


After having been orientated into high school life as freshmen at West Side High School, Kershaw, South Carolina, we began to adjust ourselves to its environment.  Soon there came another great change.  We were transferred to the newly consolidated school, Hillside High and Elementary School, Heath Springs, South Carolina


Our class was composed of approximately seventy students.  At the end of our freshman year, we showed signs of improvement and realized that we had great potentialities to be developed.  When we returned as sophomores, it was evident that a majority of us had withstood the first year’s test.  We were anxious to continue to improve upon our potentialities in order to attain our goal.  We were outstanding in many organizations; Glee Club, Dramatics, Basketball and many others.  Mary Wright was elected May Queen and Otis Patterson the King.  We took great pride in our achievements in extra – curricular activities as well as class work.


Then came a very enjoyable time, our Junior year.  We knew as Juniors, we had to plan for the Junior – Senior Prom.  It was one of the most elaborate affairs ever held at Hillside. Betty Lou McCain was Miss Homecoming and Norman Jean Cunningham was chosen May Queen.  The first football team was organized during this year at Hillside and it consisted largely of boys from the Junior Class.


The time passed very rapidly.  Before we realized it, we were dignified seniors, about forty-four in number.  With high ambitions, we have come to appreciate the tasks which have aided us in making our dreams a reality.  We are now ready to depart from our Alma Mater, equipped with knowledge to better cope with the greater problems of life.


There are many to thank for our achievements; our sponsors for three years, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Glisson and Mrs. E. E. Walker, our Senior Class Sponsor.  Thanks to the superintendent, principal and entire faculty and staff.



Historians: Mary F. Frierson Morris, Shirley Rutledge Murphy, Ross Harris, Isaac Shaw